Protein Sources

For those who eat healthy it may be difficult to realize the best protein sources, and it’s important to eat enough protein each day. Protein gives us energy, makes us mentally alert, and helps our bodies heal.
This page lists some of my favorite foods that will supply needed protein without a lot of bad fat and sodium. These numbers are estimates, as specific products will vary. The photos give a quick glimpse in to the best sources.
Eating a variety of protein sources is best.
When researching how much protein we need, you are likely to answers with differing amounts. One source says 56 grams for men, and 46 for women. But it also says that recommendation is for people leading a sedentary lifestyle. Unless you sit around a lot, aim for more.

Since I avoid most dairy foods, fatty meats, and high sodium foods, some things you may eat I won’t have listed here.

eggs, yogurt soy milk protein

Eggs – 6 Grams each
Greek Yogurt – 16+ Grams in 1 cup
Unsweetened Soy Milk – 8 Grams per 1 cup (regular milk has the same)

chicken turkey pork protein

Boneless & Skinless Chicken Breast – 24 Grams per 3 oz.
Turkey – 24 Grams per 3 oz.
Pork – 26 Grams per 6oz.

protein in seafood

Salmon – 22 Grams per 3oz. (Salmon Facts)
Halibut – 22 Grams per 3oz.
Tilapia – 21 Grams per 3 oz.
Albacore Tuna – 13 Grams 1/4 cup (2 oz.)
Haddock – 20 grams in 1 filet
Sardines – 14 Grams in one can

Most seafood has plenty of protein. Here is a good Seafood Nutritional CHART for more info. (*Wild Salmon varieties are listed separately at the bottom of the page.)

protein foods avocado nuts chocolate

Avocados – 2.9 Grams in 1 cup (sliced)
Walnuts – 5 Grams in 1/4 cup
Almonds – 6 Grams in 25 pieces (Almond milk has only 1 gram per cup)
Chocolate (70% cocoa) – 3 Grams in 4 squares, or 40g

high protein vegetables

Green Peas – 8 Grams (1 cup)
Asparagus – 3 Grams (1 cup)
Broccoli – 2.6 Grams (1 cup chopped)
Cauliflower – 5 Grams (1 small, 4″ size head)

pumpkin seeds protein

Pumpkin Seeds – 9 Grams in 1/4 cup

And in lesser amounts, but makes a good snack:

Hummus – 2 Grams in 2 Tbsp
Black Bean Chips – 2 Grams in 8 chips (gluten free – but watch out for the salt)

(Photos on this page, thanks to Pixabay.)

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