sunrise winter roadIn 2011 I discovered that I have PKD.  If you don’t recognize those letters, they mean poly-cystic kidney disease.   And I am mad as hell to have found out I have inherited this disease, which has no cure.  This blog is a record of my journey as I try to eat ‘kidney friendly food’ and turn this disease around – or at the very least, stop it’s progression.  I refuse to believe there is NO help at all.

I now see a Homeopath, and have been doing my own research.  I truly believe that it (good health) begins with food.  Our food supply is something to be afraid of these days.  With GMO (genetically modified) items on the shelves, and the FDA giving us bad information, we have to be advocates for our own health.  After reading Dr. Perlmutter’s book The Grain Brain, I am convinced that gluten and wheat are something to avoid.  I am not gluten-free, but I try my best.

I only discovered I had kidney cysts when I had my appendix removed.  PKD is a disease that tends to show up later in life.  It’s never too late to change the way we eat, but starting out right at a young age can’t hurt.  People now have access to incredible amounts of information, but not all of it is good.  On this blog I will try to weed out the good information, as it relates to those of us fighting the PKD battle, and post it here to share.

I am not a doctor, and what I do may not be what you should do.   But I plan to win my battle.

If you suffer from PKD and are feeing powerless, I hope my blog will encourage and empower you.

Pam (Dustytoes)

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