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I was diagnosed with PKD in May 2011. Since then I have been researching ways to keep my kidneys working. This blog is my attempt to share what I’ve discovered.

I am an advocate for being healthy, and I believe that good health has a lot to do with what we eat. Because of that, and the fact that I believe Juice Plus has helped me with my overall good health, I offer information about the product on this blog. I am a Juice Plus representative. I am not a nutritionist, doctor or health-care professional. All health and wellness related blog posts are my own honest opinions. I’m sharing my story, and am not advising anyone about their health, nor am I claiming that all my information and opinions are accurate.

As a Juice Plus representative, I will benefit selling the product, but there is no additional cost to that person.

Also, on this blog I will occasionally list affiliate links to products I personally use, or consider helpful to my readers. When you decide to purchase anything through these links, I get a small commission at NO extra cost to you.

This blog is meant to be read for enjoyment, and no one will be compensated in any way due to loss, damage, or inconvenience because of something written in this blog!

Unless otherwise stated, all images and text are my own and can not be freely used by anyone without permission. I will never put any reader information on spam lists, but I have no control over what advertisers or blog commenters see.

I reserve the right to change this blog, delete it, or change the terms of use as I please. Ads that show up on this blog are not under my control, and I am not responsible in any way for the products or services advertised. I allow ads to help pay for the cost of blogging.

Your comments are greatly appreciated and add to the interest of this blog, but I reserve the right to delete any nasty, profane, rude or spam comments.

My real hope here is that the reader will find my stories insightful enough to consider making changes to their lifestyle that will promote better health and well-being.

Thank you for reading.

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