Find Those Hidden Blessings of Life

winter sunrise cardAre you able to find those hidden blessings in your life? Or, do you find yourself looking at the lives of other people and thinking, wow, they are so lucky, why can’t I be so blessed? They seem to float along in life doing well, without the problems you have to face. Some people seem to be truly blessed with a wonderful life. But what does “being blessed” mean? It conjures good things in my mind. Being lucky in love, having a great marriage, happy children, good health, and lack of money worries. These are probably the top life blessings we long for.

If I lack these things, then has God overlooked me? Ah, this is where we must look deeper. I consider my greatest blessings to be my four kids. But God has blessed me in ways that are not always noticeable to outsiders. Although I live in a little house that needs a lot of work, and I work hard seven days a week just to pay my bills, I have indeed seen God’s blessings. And my blessings are especially wonderful, because they are life-changing and eye-opening.

Beautiful people, who turn heads with their looks, will never truly know the power it is that they possess. Married couples with long-lasting relationships, children and grand-children will never understand what it’s like to live in this world all alone. Healthy ones will not understand what it’s like to live with a chronic and debilitating disease. And those who have never dealt with being financially strained to the limit, day after day, will not know the perseverance it takes just to make it through each day. Continue reading