Eat More Vegetables, Have Them For Breakfast

eggs for breakfast

One Egg With Onion, Green Pepper and Garlic

One way I eat more vegetables is to have them for breakfast. I love omelets and this simple egg dish is similar except that the chopped vegetables are added to the pan first.

Chop green pepper, onions, and garlic and sauté in sesame oil (or your choice) in a small fry pan on medium heat. I add the garlic after the onions and peppers have cooked for about a minute because garlic will burn easily.

The vegetables cook only a couple of minutes so they aren’t mushy, then I crack one egg over them.

Season with black pepper and stir while the egg cooks.

Once the egg is solid, breakfast is ready!  It can be made while the coffee brews.  With coconut oil added to my black coffee and the vegetables in my egg protein, my day begins in a healthy way.  I don’t eat eggs every morning.  Often I will have Greek yogurt with nuts, coconut and fruit. Those are my favorite choices.

Onions and garlic are pre-biotics, which means they are good for building good gut bacteria.  I always keep garlic and onions in the house.  They can be chopped and added to many foods.

Bell peppers are high in vitamin C.  The combination of tasty veggies gives this meal plenty of flavor without adding salt, or cheese, like a traditional omelet.  It’s also good with mushrooms, which I fry first.

sweet bell peppers

Red, Yellow and Green Peppers (Photo: TBIT @ Pixabay)

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