Hidden Sodium in Flour Tortillas – Watch Out For These!

flour tortillas

One Large Tortilla has 570mg of Sodium

This short and sweet salty post is a warning to those who need to watch their sodium.

Flour tortillas contain huge amounts of sodium.  I’ve bought the Mission brand flour tortillas for years to make enchiladas and quesadillas for my family. Each large size tortilla contains a whopping 570 mg of sodium.

I am a label reader. You can catch me in any grocery store aisle with a product in my hand, head bent, eyes squinting, reading the nutrition section on the product. I am very careful these days of what I buy. The first thing I do is search for the sodium amount. Somehow I’ve forgotten just how bad these are for me. A few years ago I wrote a post about using “healthy tortillas” to make a fast and tasty lunch.

flour tortillas sodium content

High Sodium Content in Flour Tortillas

I need to be reminded often about what I can and cannot eat. Because of all the big changes in my life, I’ve been thrown off track. It’s like I need to re-learn my healthy lifestyle all over again. These days I don’t have the easy access to a local health food store, so I opt for the white corn tortillas (small size, 10 mg sodium) in place of the high sodium flour tortillas.

corn tortilla wrap for lunch

Corn tortillas can be used in place of the flour type, but they don’t work exactly the same way. It’s nearly impossible to make a “wrap” with them. I tried to use the white corn tortillas to make little wraps, but that didn’t work out too well. Corn tortillas are more brittle than flour, so they tend to break apart. What I ended up doing was put the whole “wrap” into a bowl and cut it up into a salad made of white corn tortillas with hummus, bean sprouts and lettuce.

Too Much Sodium is a Concern for Everyone

salt shakerMost people know that fast food is high in sodium. It’s just one of the reasons to avoid eating that way. But most pre-packaged food is also full of salt.  A salty taste appeals to the general public who looks for good “taste”, and salt has become that good taste for so many.

Hidden sodium is everywhere. Salt is something I believe most people are hooked on, and even worse is the fact that THEY DON’T SEE IT AS A PROBLEM! Have you ever heard someone say, “Oh, I don’t have a problem with salt.” I want to yell, yes, you probably do!  If you must grab the salt shaker for every meal, you have a salt problem.

There are other ways to make your food taste more appealing, like adding fresh herbs.

News flash folks…. everyone should be careful of the amount of sodium they are eating… because it’s a LOT! And your kidneys don’t like it. Kidney trouble equals high blood pressure, among other things… and from there it’s downhill.  Unless you read labels, or eat super healthy fresh fruits and vegetables often, you probably eat too much salt – and don’t even realize it.

No one ever warned me off salt. I thought I could eat all the salt I wanted, no problem. Until I discovered there was a problem. PKD was the problem, and who knows what eating all that salt did to contribute to my disease over the years. We need a certain amount of sodium every day, but I don’t think it’s much of a problem getting it since nearly every food we eat – labeled healthy or not so much – gives us some sodium.

Down the road, you may end up being sorry you did not cut down on sodium in your diet.  I hope you will take my advice and heed my warning.  It’s possible to enjoy your food even more when you taste the food more than the salt.

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