Vegetables High in Potassium, Photo List

Damaged kidneys have trouble processing potassium.  For that reason, WE must be careful and strive to eat foods that are lower in potassium.  On this page I have a photo list of popular vegetables that have the highest potassium levels.  (FYI, Avocado and bananas are two fruits which are very high in potassium.)

I begin with the higher numbers and work my way down.  (See info beneath each image.)  This information was taken from the USDA (United States Dept. of Agriculture).

This list is not complete, and there may be vegetables with higher numbers, but I didn’t find them.

Many vegetables have low potassium levels, but these are quite high. Levels may change when they are cooked, so look into each one further for more detailed information. Another way to cut down, yet still enjoy these vegetables is to eat half as much as a regular serving would be. Smaller servings also mean you could eat a greater variety.

How Much Potassium is Too Much?

The site has good information about levels of potassium suggested.  In short they say that anyone on a potassium restricted diet should eat 2000mg or less.  (Healthy people can eat 3500 to 4500mg.)  For those people who see a dietician they will be able to give you good information related to your particular needs.

This list is a quick compilation meant to be informative and not exact.  Whenever I research this type of thing I come across conflicting information.  I suggest further research by the reader, or simply ask your doctor or dietician.

potatoes potassium

Potatoes, 897mg Potassium in 1 medium

butternut squash

Butternut Squash, 493 mg Potassium in 1 cup

Instead, choose Spaghetti Squash which has only 109mg potassium in one cup.


Artichoke – 474 mg. Potassium in 1 Medium

beets are high in potassium

Beets, 442mg Potassium in 1 cup


Broccoli, 468mg Potassium in one serving

brussel sprouts

Brussel Sprouts, 342mg Potassium in 1 cup


Kale, 329mg Potassium 1 cup chopped

cauliflower head

Cauliflower, 299mg Potassium in 100g

red tomatoes in bucket

Tomato, 292mg Potassium in 1 medium whole

green beans

Green Beans, 209mg Potassium in 1 cup


Carrots, 195mg in one medium

Some vegetables that are very low in potassium include: Cabbage, cucumber, garlic, lettuce, celery, peas, peppers. Read more about the amounts of Phosphorus in Vegetables on my other page.

(Photo credits: Pixabay)

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