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I am not new to taking Juice Plus.  I’ve been taking the Garden Blend, Vineyard Blend, and Orchard Blend capsules since 2014. I’m also a representative, which means I sell it, but I haven’t done much with that because I have a full time job. (If you have J+ questions you can contact me and I have links to information further down this page.)

I began this blog to share my journey after a diagnosis of kidney disease. But now, I want to share my Juice Plus story, which began with desperation, related to that diagnosis, and has ended with hope.

It All Began With A Disease

I first heard about Juice Plus when I visited a Homeopathic doctor in Concord, New Hampshire.  I had been diagnosed with PKD – Poly-cystic Kidney Disease. There is no cure. The kidneys continue to fill with cysts that grow bigger and bigger, until the kidneys begin to fail. Either a transplant is needed or dialysis. People with PKD usually don’t know they have it until later in life when their over-sized kidneys begin to bother them.

My regular doctor didn’t give me any hope, so I chose to see a homeopath. The first time I visited Dr. H, in October 2013, I was nervous, but she immediately put me at ease.  Each subsequent visit was more like visiting a friend than seeing a doctor. I learned more about my body and health in one hour with her than I had in all my years of visiting regular doctors.

Dr. H was easy to talk to, and we discussed many aspects of health in general.  She did a blood workup and found that my vitamin D levels were extremely low – not unusual for those of us living with so little sunshine in the northeastern US. But low vitamin D levels can play a part in disease, as can inflammation. She was not familiar with my disease, but promised to look into it further.

Dr. H also told me about a wonderful product that she took and absolutely loved.  It was the first time I heard about Juice Plus. At first I was skeptical, but the fact that the doctor had such wonderful and personal things to say about the product, piqued my interest.  If eating better was the only way to battle my disease, I wanted to do everything I could to help my body.

Dr. H would often lend CD’s to listen to in my car (I had an hour drive home from her office). The CD’s were about recommendations from other health care professionals, and real life Juice Plus users, who had discovered the great benefits from supplementing their diets with fruits and vegetables in pill form. So many medical studies had been done as well, by institutions having nothing to do with the company. Their findings were remarkable!

The Juice Plus company is totally up front with how and where they make the product.  The produce in grocery stores is not nearly as fresh as what goes into Juice Plus!

The Juice Plus slogan isThe next best thing to fruits and vegetables.

I’ve been taking Juice Plus since shortly after I began to see Dr. H.  I’m not sure of the exact date but sometime in 2014.  I bought into J+ as a representative in 2015, because I truly believe in the good things J+ has done for me.

I am not cured of my PKD, but I truly believe that Juice Plus is a big part of the reason I feel so much better these days.  I no long wake up in the morning feeling like I can barely get up out of bed.  The heaviness I always feel due to the growth of cysts, is less debilatating, and I attribute that to less inflammation in my body.

So what is Juice Plus? Because of the quality gardens where the food is grown, and the process used to dehydrate and preserve goodness in capsule form, Juice Plus is truly a unique food. It is not meant to take the place of vegetables and fruit, but will give you the support of many types of foods that work with a nutritional diet.

For instance, the Garden Blend capsules contain goodness from all these foods: broccoli, parsley, tomato, carrot, beet, spinach, cabbage, oat bran, rice bran and kale.  Wow!  What other pills do that?  Take 2 a day to get all this – and there are 2 more kinds to take also.  The Vineyard Blend and Orchard Blend together offer 21 more berries and fruits.

The capsules are “Non-GMO and gluten free; contain no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives; and contain no added starch.”

And, if you have children (over the age of 4), you can get Juice Plus Chewables FREE for them with the Children’s Health Study, if you buy the capsules for yourself. Your child will get the benefits of the Orchard Blend and Garden Blend in chewable form. I did this with my son when I first began taking Juice Plus. All I had to do a few times a year was fill out a survey answering some questions about his health, eating habits any changes in him due to taking the Chewables.

My Story Has Not Ended

In closing, I would say that six years ago I would wake up in the morning feeling like I was dying. I didn’t sleep well, with hot flashes being the main culprit. I had headaches, fatigue, and a depressing feeling of bloating and heaviness from my disease. All of that was keeping me in a constant state of hopelessness. You can’t fight disease if you are feeling hopeless and helpless!

The change was gradual, but I haven’t taken blood pressure medicine, or any medicine for years. My blood pressure is fine, I have more energy than ever, and I do believe that in large part it is due to Juice Plus, which supplements the good food I eat.  Food is the key to well-being.  I believe it with all my heart.

My dream is to one day be cured of this disease that is supposedly incurable, and I am determined to feel excellent while I wait for that day to come.

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