Homemade Vegetarian or Shrimp Eggrolls Recipe

This is my recipe for vegetable egg rolls, which is taken for the most part from the back of the egg roll wrap package.   I don’t add meat, but this time I added shrimp.

Homemade egg rolls are simple and fairly healthy. Stuff the rolls (I used Nasoya egg roll wraps) with chopped cabbage, shredded carrots and a bag of bean sprouts.

Once they were made, I brushed them will a mixture of olive oil and butter so the wraps would be brown and crispy.

carrots and scallions

Chopped carrots and scallions

Buy a head of cabbage, and use about half.  Chop it into pieces.  Use 3 medium carrots, shredded.

Chop some scallions, or onions.  Mix all the veggies and get ready to stir fry.

head of cabbage

Head of Cabbage

Put the bag of Bean Sprouts, chopped cabbage, carrots and scallions into a big pan and cook over medium to high heat.

Chopped vegetables for eggroll

Chopped Vegetables for Eggroll

Once the vegetables are partially cooked, add some oyster sauce and minced ginger. Or add any flavoring you’d like.  Chopped fresh garlic would be good to add here too.  If you want to add garlic to the stir fry, add it last so it won’t burn.

oyster sauce and minced ginger

Oyster Sauce and Minced Ginger for flavor

I had bought a bag of pre-cooked shrimp (be aware that such a bag is loaded with sodium, which I found out too late), which I chopped and added after the vegetables were cooked.  Usually I don’t add any meat or fish and they taste just as good with vegetables only (my preference).

Shrimp and vegetables

Shrimp and vegetables

Now it’s time to set out the wrappers. Put big spoonfuls of the veggie mix into the center of the each wrapper, one at a time.  Keep a little bowl of water nearby and with your finger add water along the edge of the top point of the roll.  This will help it stick together when you roll it up. The Nasoya egg roll wraps have a recipe on the back, and they show you how to wrap the egg rolls.
Ingredients for eggrolls
I’m not the best egg roll wrapper, and they are not real pretty, but they hold the filling just fine.  Use part melted butter and part oil (I used olive oil) to brush over the top.   I baked them at 400 for about 15 minutes.  The egg rolls can also be fried in the frypan. It’s messier and more time consuming and besides they come out nice when baked.

Baking egg rolls

Ready to Bake the Eggrolls

Buy some sweet n sour sauce, or duck sauce, to compliment, or eat them plain.  I also like to eat them cold the next day… no kidding, they’re good that way.  I can never eat them all and I’ve found that they freeze just fine too.  Put 3 or 4 in a freezer bag and take out each bag for a meal later on.

crispy baked egg rolls

Baked Eggrolls, the Finished Product

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