Starfruit is Toxic to People With Kidney Disease

This is a picture of starfruit, which is a tropical fruit and can be found in most grocery store produce sections. If you have kidney disease, starfruit can be toxic, and even deadly, if eaten.

According to the National Kidney Foundation, the reason we cannot eat starfruit is that it contains a substance called “neurotoxin” which needs to be filtered out by the kidneys. People with normal kidney function can eat the fruit safely because their kidneys filter it out. Since our kidneys are already struggling because of disease, the toxic substance would stay in our bodies and cause problems.

This is only one item on the list of food to avoid. Having kidney disease means we must be vigilant and look into supposedly “healthy foods” before taking for granted they will be good for us. Also, knowing what stage your disease is in matters a lot in what you eat and drink.

I first learned of this starfruit problem from a book I am reading called, “Smoothies For Kidney Health” and the authors mentioned this.
By the way, it’s a very good book with lots of information, and nutritious smoothie recipes for all stages of kidney disease. It’s written by a mother and daughter team who have first hand knowledge about kidney disease.

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