Cute Newborn Baby Pictures

baby girl newborn

Newborn Baby Photography at Pixabay

Everywhere you look lately there are adorable and cute newborn baby pictures. Often they are posed with big hats on their heads, or completely naked and asleep.

Asleep! How do they manage that? From what I remember of having a new baby (and I’ve had four) they seldom sleep, and when they did fall asleep, I left them alone. I couldn’t have posed them, and taken photos, without them screaming bloody murder.

I don’t know where all these good babies come from, but I wasn’t blessed with one. Still, the pictures are very cute, although I personally think many are totally overdone.

I’m sharing some of my favorite newborn baby photos found on the Pixabay site. A couple of them look like professional photos, which leads me to wonder if the photographer is okay with them being shared on a “free public domain” photo site.

newborn baby

Newborn Photo in black and white, by PiePie on Pixabay

newborn sleeping with hat pose

Newborn Baby Pose, Find at Pixabay

baby happy face surprise

Photo by amyelizabethquinn on Pixabay

How cute are these twins in bunny ears?

twin infants in hats with bunny ears

Fluffy Bunny Twins

That’s it. Hope you enjoyed my side-tracked post. It makes me smile, and I hope it does you as well.

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