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I have begun to read again!  For years I went without reading nary a book.  I love to read, but life was keeping me too busy to find the time.  And money was always tight, which kept me from buying anything.  Now I have begun reading books for free thanks to Amazon Prime.

One day, after much research, I broke down and bought a Kindle Fire.  It made sense to carry my entire library (once I built it up) in one little device.  Books purchased as a download are often much cheaper (and sometimes free!) than hardcovers and paperbacks.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love books.  And I thought for a long time that I would NOT prefer to read from a device.  Once I purchased one, I found there were many more advantages.  My favorite feature is the fact that the screen is lit so I can sit in bed in the dark and read without lights on.

I’m one of those people (I can’t be the only one) who is always far behind the rest of the population when it comes to technology.  While almost everyone it seems is on their 5th and 6th generation smartphone, I have yet to get one.  I still have a little, cheap flip phone.  And I don’t text.  Yes, that’s right, call the Guinness Book of World Records!  And yet, I work online as a successful designer.

Around the time I got a Kindle reading device, I also bought into Amazon Prime. At the last check, it was around $100 for a year.  With all that I buy from Amazon, it definitely pays off for me.  When I buy “prime” items they ship free, and usually within 2 days.  I get the option to download free books, and free music.  I can also watch movies, upload photos and do other things.  I don’t take advantage of all they offer, but I love getting free books!  Those come from having access to the Kindle First program and the Lending Library.

Kindle First is a selection of 4-6 books in a variety of genres, that is offered every month.  I can pick one of them and download it for free.  The Lending Library is a list of books that can be borrowed and then returned when done.  Each of these options are offered once a month.  The books can be kept indefinitely, but in the case of the library, the book must be returned before a new one can be downloaded.

I do pay for some books that will never be free.  I still order hardcover cookbooks, and any book that contains photography to go along with the writing, like my seashell books.  I like to be able to turn real pages when it comes to certain subjects.  Not everything looks as good on an e-reader.

Now that I am reading, I plan to review some of the books and share my reviews here.  Book reviewing is tricky, as many people enjoy different types of books.   I may love one story, whereas someone else wouldn’t like it.  And this is a new field of writing for me.  But it should be fun.

What is the best book you’ve read lately?  Please leave any suggestions in the comments.

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