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Pinning My Faves on Pinterest

Now that I am online long hours each day, I run across many food blogs and pictures of food, recipes, etc.  I end up pinning recipes on Pinterest, but they are all (mostly) for good healthy eating. I must dig through all the frosted layer cakes, casseroles dripping with melted cheese, and crispy fried foods to find them, but I do!

There are the people who pin just for fun and have many boards which are overloaded with tons of pins. Some people are trying to sell things. And some people do Pinterest to keep track of their favorite things and ideas. I do a little of all of these, and food is also part of my boards.

We all have to eat, and it seems that everyone wants to cash in on that fact with their own recipe blogs.  It’s overwhelming. Many of the foods are decadent and fattening, because they make for great pictures which draw viewers in, and that’s what it’s all about.

When pinning, I have found that it’s a good idea to narrow the niche to a specific food and save it to a board.  For instance I have a Gluten Free board.  I don’t necessarily search out gluten free food, unless it’s a specific thing I want to cook, but I pin good info and recipes to the board as I come across it. Quite honestly, I haven’t gotten around to making any of these gluten free recipes yet, but one day! I know that when I am ready to try a new gluten-free food, I can find my selection easily.

I also use a board at Pinterest to collect Garden Recipes that use tomatoes and zucchini and other fresh vegetables I grow in my summer garden. Once the vegetables begin to ripen, I’m usually overloaded and need to find ideas fast to use them while they are fresh. I have made some of these recipes, and the nice thing is that I can delete them if they don’t turn out well. I can only make so much zucchini bread so having all these ideas on one handy board is very helpful.

And Fall is just about here, so I’ve begun a board with recipes that use apples. Apple picking is a seasonal event that we all take part in here in New Hampshire and although I don’t like baking, I will make apple pies, applesauce, and more in autumn.

seasonal food boards at Pinterest

My Seasonal Food / Recipe Boards

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