Colorful and Healthy Zucchini Flower, Vegetable Omelet

omelet with fresh vegetables

Garden Colors Omelet

This morning I made myself a colorful and healthy, zucchini flower and fresh garden vegetables, omelet for breakfast. Besides chopping up the big orange flower, I gathered other tasty items from my small, backyard garden.

Up here in the northeast where I live, it’s not yet harvest time for most vegetables.  I have tiny zucchini growing, and I’ll be eating them soon, but for now, I’m happy with adding a couple of the big flowers to my food.

One problem I have, in my attempt to eat well, is eating enough vegetables. I love almost all vegetables, but I just don’t tend to include them in all my meals. It’s something I am working on changing. I believe in the ‘one small change at a time’ approach to health improvements.

By including vegetables at breakfast time, I’ve upped my chances of getting a good variety of them during the day. Organic eggs are one of my morning staples. I usually eat eggs about 4 times a week. Omelets are made with a filling of some kind and I try to make that filling out of chopped veggies. It all depends on what I have on hand, and in the summer, when my garden is growing, there is no shortage of very fresh ingredients.

I found a hot pepper on my only pepper plant, so that became part of my breakfast. The chive plant is a perennial, and it’s been growing since before the snow disappeared, so I picked about four stems to chop.

Every year I grow nasturtiums, for their bright flowers, and for their peppery tasting leaves. Yes, you can eat them! I love the idea of having edible flowers in the garden. They serve a double purpose. As of now, there are no flowers on my nasturtium plants, but I eat the leaves, which add flavor to just about any dish.

I picked a bunch of parsley too, as well as some basil and Italian oregano. The oregano is a perennial, and the plant expands and grows larger each summer.

zucchini flowers and herbs

Zucchini Flowers & Friends

I found two ripe strawberries, which I did not include in the omelet, but ate them while I prepared my meal. Eating a variety of foods is as important as eating well. In summer I have a good variety growing in my backyard. And I don’t have a lot of space. Most everything I’ve mentioned can be grown in a small area. The zucchini is the exception. One zucchini plant will grow quite large. Mine is planted in a raised, fabric pot bed.

Usually when we think of vegetables we think of corn, string beans, and carrots.  Herbs and spices can serve the purpose too, and don’t forget to use edible flowers, like the nasturtium and zucchini blooms.  It’s all good.


  • Chop all filing ingredients
  • Mix 2 eggs with some water
  • Cook eggs by pulling up the edge to let the runny part hit the pan, but leave everything flat.
  • Add filling and lift one side of the eggs to flop over the other.
  • Continue cooking, flip once, to heat the middle.

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