Easy Ways to Keep Your Body More Alkaline

lemons, honey, alkaline Because so much of the food we eat makes our bodies acidic, I have been looking for ways to keep my body more alkaline.  This helps keep inflammation down, and inflammation contributes to disease.

My homeopathic doctor mentioned the importance of this and I’m so grateful that I found a healthcare professional who shares good information with me!

I enjoy reading about health too, and especially ways to help my kidneys, but I tend to forget what I read.  My goal is to have an easy place (this blog) to quickly find all the information to meet my health needs.  Kidney health is my ultimate goal, but overall health is just as important, as it’s all connected.

Inflammation levels are something I never gave much thought to.  How many doctors in your life have ever mentioned it?  None of mine did until Dr. H.

The good news is that most vegetables, and many fruits, will lower inflammation in the body.   With all I’m learning about the bad effects of eating meat and dairy, I am leaning toward becoming a vegetarian.  All chances are a slow process, but with PKD I must make these changes for the good of my health.

Alkaline Food That May Not Seem It

Some foods that may seem like they would be acidic are actually not.  Lemons for instance are a good thing to add to a diet, although it would seem that would not be so.  Squeeze fresh lemon juice into hot water or tea. It’s a good way to get a little extra vitamin C also.  I like to drink Kombucha tea, or green tea, and tea is also alkaline in itself (not black tea).

Recently I have seen a number of articles about Apple Cider Vinegar and it has a similar effect.  One of the first interesting facts I came across was how cider vinegar helps relieve arthritis pain.  Today I am beginning to add vinegar to my tea in hopes that it will help with the pain I am getting in my fingers.

tomato juice alkaline

(photo credit: Pixabay)

When drinking herbal and green tea sweeten it with a little honey, which is also alkaline. Juicing vegetables is something I do a lot in summer. Usually my garden has an abundance of tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini. All are good choices. Yes, tomatoes are on the list! Read more at the Live Strong, List of Natural Alkaline Drinks page.

Some spices have an alkalizing effect and it’s easy to include them in food and drinks.  Cinnamon is one that I add to my coffee and almond milk, or goat’s milk.  I enjoy goat’s milk but it’s very expensive.

I am not advocating that you drink only alkaline liquids. I drink unsweetened cranberry juice daily, and cranberries are acidic. But cranberries are good for kidney health. My goal is to impart knowledge and awareness, but I am not a healthcare professional. Each person will have their own goals and health needs. This page is solely for informational purposes.

Infused water is becoming a big thing these days.  See a comprehensive list of water drinks, with “how to’s” at the Wellness Mama website.


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