Gluten Free Biscuits Not Much Like Bread

gluten free biscuits

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The recipe calls these gluten free “basic biscuits” but they look more like dense patties to me. I made them a week or so ago and did eat them all, but they did not quench my desire for bread. How to people go without eating bread? I have yet to find anything in the gluten free category that remotely resembles bread.

The biscuits were simple to make, but I won’t share the recipe since it came from the Wheat Belly Cookbook and therefore is not mine to share. I will say that they were easy to make with the main ingredients being almond flour and ground flaxseeds. But the pre-baked biscuits looked almost identical to the baked version, with the exception being a slight brownness after baking.

They tasted okay. I wouldn’t say they were delicious, but I like to occasionally have toast in the morning with some eggs, and these worked nicely in place of a slice of bread. They were too thin to slice in half, so I added butter to the top.

The recipe makes 8, so I froze some to keep them fresh to use later on, and I need to prepare another batch. They are worth making, for their healthiness alone, but it doesn’t mean I would replace a real biscuit for this. And my kids would never go for them.

Soon I will try the gluten free pizza dough, but I don’t have high hopes of loving that either. I am trying to cut down on gluten as it is not good for any of us, but I’m thankful that I don’t HAVE to give it up completely. The quest is still on to find a decent bread substitute. Do you have one? Please share it with us!

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