Why I Went to a Homeopath

pills vitamins supplements homeopathMention the word ‘homeopath’ and whoever you are speaking to shuts up. You can almost read their thoughts, “and I though you were a normal person”. They stare blankly into your face and probably wonder how much further you will go with this crazy acknowledgment.

If that is not the reaction you get, good for you. You must be surrounded by open-minded people (which are some of the best kind, me thinks). After finding a dead end with my doctor in terms of treating incurable PKD, I was desperate for some help and I turned to a homeopath. I believe there is always hope, but someone had to give me some.

I had been feeling poorly for quite a while. Once I discovered that I had poly-cystic kidney disease (PKD) and I started taking blood pressure medicine, I did feel a little better. But I had aches and pains that kept bothering me, and I had trouble sleeping. Feeling like a big fat blob didn’t help either, and the thought that those cysts were continually growing to expand my belly, was truly depressing. Even if I tried to lose weight I couldn’t. I walked, worked outside, cut down on fatty foods, and still nothing I did made me feel, or look, better.

I wasn’t sleeping well, mostly due to tremendous hot flashes (giving away my age a bit here) and sleep is important for keeping healthy too.  It felt like everything was wrong in my body.  I did not want to just keep taking my BP meds and live like this forever!  Or worse, be on dialysis eventually.  But that is what the doctor was telling me.  It’s all I could do to help myself – keep my blood pressure down.  It wasn’t enough.

I believe in the power of the human body to heal itself.  But the body must have the correct nutrients (food) to do so. I also depend on God to help me heal, and I believe that the way he directs me will help me become well. The fact that I’ve been corresponding with an online friend for years who believes in homeopathic remedies is not lost on me! In fact, he is the one who suggested seeing a practicing homeopath for my illness.

As far as nutrition goes, what I have discovered (and am still learning) is astounding to me.  Are we really being told to eat foods that are causing us problems?  It seems that many foods I have always eaten, believing I was doing my body good, were working against me.

Over the past year I have made gradual changes to the way I eat.  Once your health deteriorates due to disease, you become much more focused on using food as a healer.  It’s no longer about losing weight and looking good as much as it is about feeling good and normal.  And I have made great strides in the past eleven months.

I went to a homeopath to feel better, but I also found some hope. Today I feel like I get better and better each day.  It is a slow process, but it took many years for me to get into this bad shape I am in, so I expect it may take years to undo the damage.  As far as my kidney cysts, I have no idea if my efforts have done any good in that area.  If I have the money, I will get a scan soon to compare it to the scan that was done back in 2011 when I had my appendix out.  I’m happy to be feeling better, and with a hopeful attitude I push forward.

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