Ditching The Creamer For Coconut Oil

black coffee coconut oil

Black coffee with coconut oil & cinnamon

My morning cup of coffee has changed over the years. I began by drinking the easy instant type. My parents didn’t drink coffee out of any fancy coffee maker. In fact I don’t even remember them drinking coffee, but maybe they did.

Instant was the best I could do at home, but at work we had a coffee maker so I had to learn how to brew a pot. It’s not a difficult task, and coffee makers have improved greatly over the years. My original maker wouldn’t even keep the coffee very hot after brewing.

A number of years ago my son gave me a nice Grind & Brew coffee pot which can grind beans or use already ground beans.  It did a nice job and kept my coffee hot.  My favorite beans are from Dunkin Donuts.
Coffee is good for you, coffee is bad for you… I’m tired of hearing it. I enjoy a couple cups of coffee in the morning and so I drink it.

As far as what I put in my coffee, that has changed over the years too. It used to be milk and sugar. Then I graduated to powdered coffee creamer. After that it was the sweetened liquid creamer, which made me cut out the sugar I added. More recently I used half and half without added sugar.

Once I was told that dairy is something I should be cutting out, or down on, I decided to drink my coffee black. Plus that half-and-half had a lot of fat that I certainly didn’t need.  Then I read about the benefits of coconut oil and how easy it was to incorporate into my diet by adding it to morning coffee.  So I began to add a small amount of coconut oil to my black coffee, along with a sprinkle of cinnamon, which has it’s own health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure.

Not all fat is bad, as some would have you believe.  Our bodies need good fat.  Coconut oil contains good fat, which helps with heart health, but be sure to buy the unrefined coconut oil of good quality.  This oil has many other benefits, some of which you may have not heard about.

Coconut oil has anti-bacterial properties, which means it works as a cleaner.   One way I use it is to condition my wood cutting boards.

cutting boards

Season wood cutting boards with coconut oil

I’ve also used it in oil pulling, which is simply swishing oil around in your mouth for about 15-20 minutes.  Oil pulling helps heal gums, whiten teeth, and fix bad breath.  (Beware if you have fillings that they can be loosened if you do this too much.)

Of course I am always on the lookout for kidney healthy information.  The page I read on the Organic Facts site, also claims that coconut oil can also help prevent kidney disease and dissolve kidney stones. It’s beneficial for the liver too.

For a very comprehensive list of what amazing coconut oil can do for you and your pets, please read The Ultimate Guide to Scientifically -Backed Coconut Oil Uses at the Balance Me Beautiful site.

In fact, there is another shorter article at “Jen Reviews” if you’d like to know 7 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil.


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