Kidney Friendly Foods Are Also Delicious

Kidney friendly red peppersDoing a search online for best foods for kidney health will give you pretty much the same list of “super foods”.  Be aware that this list does not necessarily pertain to those of US who have kidney disease.

Fish and Salad

I love fish and shellfish, but I do limit it in my diet. High omega -3 fish like salmon is good, but often I eat haddock or flounder which is more affordable.  Baked fish can be made with a minimum of difficulty.   (*Fish, like meat and chicken, can be high in phosphates.)

Make your own salad dressing using olive oil / sesame oil mixed with balsamic vinegar / apple cider vinegar, and add some crushed garlic.  (Onions and garlic are PRE-biotics.) Personally, I like to add a few nuts (*Nuts are high in potassium) and some fruit to my salads.   If I have them, I’ll cut red grapes and throw them in.   If I make this meal for supper, I will have eaten 6 of the kidney friendly foods right there!

WE have to watch our protein, as damaged kidneys don’t handle protein well.  I eat eggs for breakfast a couple times a week and I mix them with sautéed mushrooms, onions, garlic, etc.

When apple season rolls around in fall, I go pick a huge bag full at the local orchard.  Apples are one food I have never read anything bad about when it comes to PKD.

I always have unsweetened cranberry juice in my house and drink 1-2 glasses a day with additional vitamin D added.  It has to be just cranberries and NO sugar in the juice – it’s quite tart.  You’ll know it’s the right stuff when you see the price in the grocery store!

In fact, my only complaint is the price of these foods.  I buy wild caught fish, and organic fruits and vegetables, and I pay high prices for it.  To cut costs, I get two meals out of the fish fillets.  Eating less is not only a good way to lose weight and keep my kidneys happy, it helps with grocery bills!  I’ve found that the cheapest grocery store in my area (Market Basket – in New England) sells a lot of organic items, so I try to buy fruit and vegetables from them instead of at the pricey local organic store.

Often I buy fresh eggs from the Farmer’s Market, and they usually have a good selection of other items as well, but I have to watch the prices.  I enjoy supporting local farmers, but they often ask high prices.

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