Why Gluten Free May Not Be For Me

gluten free, eating,When I want some bread, my favorite has been the whole grain type made by the Bread Shed. As I’ve looked into changing to gluten free eating, I’m having a real problem with the bread. I have not found any in either of the grocery stores where I shop, nor have I found it in the health food stores. I can find bread crumbs, but it appears that I must bake my own bread. So, that is fine, until every recipe I find is more complicated and involved than the one before it.

I have already spent all kinds of money on special flours and additives I will supposedly need to create a delicious loaf of bread. Now I see that I need buttermilk for some recipes. I also need a food processor and an electric mixer – one of the big ones on a stand. I have yet to see any way to easily bake a simple loaf of bread.

My bread maker sits in the corner of the room, and reminds me of how simple it could be to make a loaf of bread, or some pizza dough. And the more I learn about gluten-free eating, the less I think I will make the change.

Desserts seem to be a little easier to do, but I don’t eat desserts and why go to the bother for my kids, who will probably turn their noses up at the new recipe?

I don’t have bad reactions to gluten – thankfully. My main reason for avoiding it is for better overall health, but at this point I just don’t have the time, or the money, to change my ways. Maybe, like most other changes I’ve made, it will be a long time learning process. Nevertheless, I’ll keep looking for simple recipes to add to my collection.

I have some across a biscuit recipe (gluten free) in the Wheat Belly cookbook and I will make it today to go with the onion soup I just made. The basic biscuit recipe calls for only 5 ingredients and seems pretty easy to make. I just hope they end up tasting good too. I’ll take pictures and post the results here.

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