Use Healthy Tortillas to Make This Fast and Tasty Lunch

two types of flour tortillas

Healthy vs. Not so Much

Making a fast, healthy meal for myself is something I do very often. I work through my lunch, and need something I can grab and eat as I type. And sometimes at night, I will eat this in place of a more fattening meal I’ve made for my picky kids.

For this simple meal all I need to do is have three ingredients in my house. There is no cooking or chopping involved (unless you want to). It literally takes about 2 minutes to make. My favorite lunch can be as simple or fancy as I want, or have time for.  (This is not a gluten-free meal.)

It’s a wrapped sandwich. Since I have mostly given up eating bread and sandwiches, I buy tortillas to use for this meal. I don’t want to eat flour, but for now I use healthy tortillas. The other two ingredients are greens / lettuce, and hummus.

The fast wrap is made with hummus spread over the tortilla, then filled with greens. Roll it up tightly and eat. What could be simpler? The hummus has protein, as does the tortilla. The greens will give you a serving of vegetables, and to make it even better, just add more good stuff to it.

Of course you can fill the tortilla with anything.  Sometimes I add more to the greens version, and sometimes I don’t use the lettuce leaves at all.

Think about adding these good foods: sliced avocado (rarely for US as it is very high in potassium), onions, chives, cucumber, parsley, garlic, peppers (hot, green, red), and / or sliced tomatoes.   I tend to fill my wrap with more produce during the summer when my garden is growing and I have access to fresh items right outside the back door.  These cherry tomatoes are from my garden.

veggie and hummus wrap

One of my lunchtime wraps with tomatoes and cukes from my garden.

All three of the main ingredients are easy to keep on hand. Greens / lettuce will keep for a week in a lettuce keeper. Hummus lasts for about 5 days after opening.

Since I am now reading the labels on most food I buy, I prefer a fancier type of tortilla over the plain, white flour type. I buy Maria and Ricardo’s sprouted grains tortillas. In comparison, there is a BIG difference in the sodium content, which is now something I check first thing.

Check the Sodium in Your Tortillas

One Mission brand flour tortilla has 420 mg of sodium compared to 85 mg of sodium in the Maria and Ricardo’s sprouted grain tortilla!  That is a huge difference. And those of US with high blood pressure need to watch that sodium intake. You would be surprised at all the salt you are eating without knowing it, so compare labels and find a wrap that is most healthy.

If you have never tried hummus, you may want to buy the original type to try first.  It’s the only type that agrees with me and it has a wonderful flavor all on it’s own.  There are organic hummus options, but other than the health food store, I have trouble finding it.

Let me know how you like this little healthy lunch. ♥

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