Striving to Eat Simple, Like The Farmers Do

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Eat Simple, Like Farmers

I don’t really know how farmers eat, but I imagine they appreciate food in it’s simple form. With all the work that goes into growing fresh vegetables, raising chickens and cows, and harvesting fruit, the farmer enjoys his crops more than anyone. That is my way of thinking.

My grandfather was a farmer. He had a huge garden and spent much of his time out there plowing, planting, and caring for his crops. I lived near my grandparents and had a view of the garden right out the front window. I helped my grandmother pick the strawberries in June, and ran through the tall corn stalks in August. I believe that in summer every suppertime meant I had some food on my plate that came from “the garden”. I wonder if my parents knew how lucky they were to have such an abundance of fresh, healthy food in their front yard. Maybe not, because food wasn’t so totally processed back then. I don’t remember anyone making a big deal out of our lucky circumstances.

Now I pay big bucks to buy wholesome, organic vegetables like the ones my grandparents grew. My recent health journey has led me to believe that my kidneys will appreciate organic food. I didn’t buy into it for a long time. It was too expensive and that was my excuse. I was too busy raising my kids to really look into eating simple, healthy food. Quick and easy suited my lifestyle best.

Now I am going back to eating simple, by buying food as close to it’s natural form as possible.
I’m also looking into going gluten free. Although wheat products seem to be close to nature, I’m discovering that our wheat today does not resemble wheat as it was back when I was a kid. I already know that sugar is bad, and that carbs convert to sugar, but this wheat thing is new to me.

So I won’t be eating all that home-baked bread that I picture farmers having on their dinner tables. Or maybe I will, but in a wheat-free form.

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