The Alaska Nasturtium Variety Grows Large and Lovely

alaska nasturtium flowers

“Alaska” Nasturtium

A few years ago I learned that nasturtiums were on the list of edible flowers. I had been growing them for the beauty they added to the yard, but never knew they were edible.

The leaves of the nasturtium can be all green or variegated, as in my photo here. ┬áThe flowers are usually red, orange, or yellow. ┬áThe leaves have a peppery taste that works well in salads. I seldom eat the flowers, but it’s okay to do that too.

As is true with all edible flowers, they would make a pretty garnish for a favorite dish, or frozen in ice cube trays and added to punch or cocktails.

How to Grow Nasturtiums

Buy a packet of seeds, or use collected seeds from your own yard – that is easy to do once you begin growing nasturtiums.
Plant in early spring in a sunny location. Without enough sun, they will be straggly and without many flowers.

This year I bought one plant from a vender at the local Farmer’s Market. The plant was labeled “Alaska” and it seems to me that I had read on a blog about that variety being a good one.
So this year I have only one nasturtium in my garden, but it is huge! It’s growing under my volunteer sunflowers and some of the lavender cosmos flowers have poked their way up through the leaves. It’s such a beautiful plant, with more than enough leaves and flowers for me to eat. I look forward to collecting the seeds soon, and hopefully getting them to germinate for me next year. (I did collect them, and got many plants – for free – from this one Alaska annual.)

red flowering nasturtium

Beautiful and Edible “Alaska” Nasturtium

If you want to grow edible flowers, try the nasturtium and let me know what you think.

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