Being Healthy is Hard Work

eggs, parsley, mushrooms

My Omelet Ingredients

These days being healthy is hard work. And I’m not even talking about exercise. Just eating well can be more of an effort than we plan on it being. It’s the main reason (in my opinion) that many people are not healthy. Even when we think we are eating right, chances are we are making mistakes.

For nearly 30 years I was married to someone who ate like a kid. Now I am cooking for me (and my kids) and I am learning to take the time to eat to nourish my body. It’ not just about what tastes good, or is easy to grab and stuff into my mouth. It takes time and effort to include healthy, fresh ingredients in my meals. And I do take the time and make the effort. I’ve only been doing this for a short time and already I see huge benefits.

Just like losing weight, eating better is a process. And eating healthy means losing weight, for me and for most people I would imagine.

Patience is key in changing your lifestyle for the better. And never stop learning. Get your information from many sources, and stick with the ones that are reliable. Do not blindly follow something you are told without making sure it is good information.

Buy a good knife, have plenty of cutting boards handy, and get ready to chop your brains out! That is the way to head down the path to good health.

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